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Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

(1807 - 1882)
"The heights by great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight, but they, while their companions slept, were toiling upward in the night."

Danika Davis

2021 Natta Scholar

Danika is a dedicated, young lady who hopes to become a teacher one day. She actively participates in school sports, all while maintaining a constant presence on the school’s Honour Roll.

Analdo Pemberton

2021 Natta Scholar

Analdo has a passion for computers and technology and hopes to one day pursue studies to become an IT Technician. Very pleasant, trustworthy, empathetic, knowledgeable, and committed are just some of the adjectives used to describe this young man.

Ciara Gilbert

2019 Natta Scholar

Ciara is a fun-loving, quiet, young lady loves to cook, sing and play the saxophone. She enjoys spending time with her family and promises to work hard to do her best always so that she can make her family proud.

Kadidra Hazel

2019 Natta Scholar

Kadidra aims to be the first one in her family to graduate from college/university. She hopes to become a medical doctor one day. She praised her parents for their continuous support of her and said she learns a lot from them.

Jase Greene

2019 Natta Scholar

Science is Jase’s passion! He hopes to become a scientist because he likes testing and wants to develop new technologies. Jase loves sports and plays football and also runs track.

Damarion Woodley

2019 Natta Scholar

Damarion has dreams of becoming a video game creator and animator. He is a Boy Scout and enjoys playing tennis and basketball in his spare time.

Mya Morton

2018 Natta Scholar

Mya is involved in sports, church and attends an afterschool programme. She enjoys singing and hopes to become a medical doctor one day. Mya said to become a doctor “you have to focus on your school work to succeed and achieve your goals.”

Tonna-Shay Miller

2018 Natta Scholar

Tonna-Shay is a sign language dancer and attends the Beacon of Hope Church. She is Head Prefect at her school, plays netball and is a track and field athlete. She hopes to become an actor and a Mathematics teacher one day.

Asxavier Richards

2018 Natta Scholar

Asxavier has several medals for his house on sports day. He participates in the National Bank Grassroots Football programme and he is a member of the St. Georges Anglican Scouts group. Asxavier would like to have a career as a scientist or a mechanic.

Omarion Gentles

2018 Natta Scholar

Omarion is working really hard in school so he can one day take care of his family and be a leader not a follower. He has participated in spelling bees and is active in his church and is an honour roll student. Omarion hopes one day to have his own business.

Matana Tyson

2017 Natta Scholar

Matana is a member of Brownies, Girls Guides, Shekinah’s Dance Theatre, her church’s worship team, the U16 Newtown Girls Football Team, a track athlete, netballer, avid speller and an Honour Roll student. She would like a career as “a general medical practitioner to help my people become healthier in their daily living.”

Kzarion Battice

2017 Natta Scholar

Kzarion is a member of the Pentecostal Harvest Church and Sunday School group. He loves playing football and plays for the Tucker-Clarke Football team and the Conaree U14 football team. He enjoys spending time at his father’s mechanic garage and says he can tell by the sound of a vehicle what may be wrong with it. He hopes to one day design and build his own car.

Raynic Bartlette

2017 Natta Scholar

Raynic enjoys playing cricket and football. He maintains his presence on the honour rolls and regularly attends church and Sunday school. He is a member of the Anglican Young Peoples Association (AYPA). He would like to be an entrepreneur and is already gaining some experience when he assists a shopkeeper on weekends. He is the very first Natta Scholar from the Irish Town Primary School.

Vinika O'Loughlin

2016 Natta Scholar

Vinika is very active in her church and has dreams of becoming a lawyer. In her application essay, she stated that she wants to become a lawyer in order to help others get a second shot at life. She says gaining this scholarship helps prove to herself and others, that she can do anything she sets her mind to.

Zeniah Jeffers

2016 Natta Scholar

Zeniah is on the honour roll and exhibits good manners and behaviour to everyone. She wants to be a teacher because “I like the way my teachers have helped me to learn and I would like to share that with children when I grow up.” She is a member of the Tucker-Clarke Primary School's netball team, a cheerleader for her house on Sports Days and a participant in her school’s spelling bees.

Khaleem Challenger

2015 Natta Scholar

Khaleem loves his mother’s cooking. His dream is to become a teacher. His goal is inspired from his own teacher who he said, “Encourages us to be the best that we can be in all we do.” More importantly, “he wants to educate and impact the lives of our nation’s children.” He also wants to start a mentorship program “to assist troubled youths” and “decrease the crime rate.”

Sheona Nelson

2015 Natta Scholar

Sheona hobbies are: reading, singing and dancing, but she knows the importance of school and “works very hard to maintain excellent grades.” Her teacher describes her as ambitious, keen and a hard worker. Her mother says she is committed to performing well at school and very helpful at home. She plays netball and runs track & field. She plans to become a brain surgeon.

Kamarr Dolphin

2014 Natta Scholar

Kamarr wants to be a police officer, to help keep law & order and serve as a role model for youth. An honor roll student, he is passionate about sports and his education. He plays football (soccer) and has competed in several spelling bee competitions. The 2014 WMN Scholar lives with grandmother, who serves as his guardian, and is committed to “staying on the path to great success.”

Aamira Williams

2014 Natta Scholar

Aamira loves sports (netball) but she also loves to learn. She noted that she “enjoys going to school because it opens [her] mind to many things.” She served on her school’s student body. She wants to become an obstetrician/gynecologist. In explaining the importance of the WMN Scholarship, she said it would “lift the financial strain off her dad” and help her “achieve a higher level in education.”

Timothy Martin

2013 Natta Scholar

One of five children, Timothy already has a plan for his future. When asked what he would like to do professionally, this 11-year old wrote: “to invent gadgets.” He plans to become a scientist so he can “help the homeless and sick children.” The 2013 winner of the scholarship, Timothy saw the award as key to helping him excel as he continued his education up through university.

Shonell Richards

2013 Natta Scholar

Shonell is a talented, keen young girl whose involvement in both sports and academics helped her stand out. Her ambition is a career in health or criminal justice. She expressed a dream to become a nutritionist or private investigator. Aware of the importance of her education and health, she quoted in her application, “an active body plays a big part in a focused mind.”

Tarique Laws

2012 Natta Scholar

Tarique is proud of his school. He describes it as the “most outstanding school on St. Kitts.” At 12, he is heading the teachings of his grandmother and ‘saving his money instead of spending it and learning the basic skills of life. He wants to earn a Ph.D. and “make his grandmother proud,” he writes. He is committed to completing school and “strive for excellence in everything” he does.

Princess Douglas

2012 Natta Scholar

Princess is a member of her school’s netball team, enjoys dancing, singing, spending time with family and also studying! Her goal is to earn a master's degree as a nurse. Her pastor at the Liberty New Testament Church of God in Molyneaux describes her as an "intelligent, hardworking, energetic young lady who is always willing to assist in any way she can."

Jomitri Queeley

2011 Natta Scholar

Jomitri is active in several sports and passionate about his academics. One of three children, he is committed to excelling in his studies, “passing all of his test of standards.” The scholarship, he says, will help him attend extra classes so he is better prepared to take his exams. An above average student, he is determined to get the best education to pursue his dream career as a lawyer.

Zodiac Henry

2011 Natta Scholar

Zodiac wants to be a teacher or a nurse. Either option demonstrates her interest and passion for helping others. Her favorite subjects are Health and Language. She enjoys reading and listening to music. She also enjoys track and field and was a member of the St. Kitts Athletic Sports Team. In 2011, she was named Victrix Ludrorum. She is also a member of the Shadwell Overcomers.

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